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Bella is a vintage Piaggio Apé (pronounced ah-pay, meaning ‘Bee’ in Italian) from Italy. We rescued her from her hard days of service where she spent many years transporting goods as a delivery truck down the cobbled streets. She made her journey from Italy to New York and there she was transformed into the beauty that she is today. We chose all the finishes, details, paint colors and tile with great care. From New York, she made her journey to her destination and new home in Montana and where Bella was officially born.


Bella has many unique features. A custom enclosure was constructed around her original truck bed. This houses the five-tap system to serve various drinks and also stores the kegs, which are kept cool in specially-designed bags for up to 20 hours. She has two service sides, the main one has the five taps, and the back-side can be used for additional displays or serving.

Because of her unique size she can fit inside most places with double doors. Whether your event is inside, outside, large, or small, Bella is sure to make it memorable. If you are planning a wedding, Christmas party, promotional event, birthday party, or any other gathering for friends and family, adding Bella will impress!



The apé was first manufactured in 1948 in Italy by Piaggio, the same company that manufactures the Vespa scooter. The idea for the apé evolved to give Italians a reliable mode of transportation post WWII. FUN FACT! Apé in Italian means bee. Piaggio came up with the name after already naming their scooter model Vespa, which in Italian translates to wasp.

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